Sri Lanka

1997  As part of broader program of World Bank, Postbank International Consultancy led in 1997 the review of the current postal financial services in the context of the Sri-Lanka banking and postal situation, present performance and capability; Definition and evaluation … Read more

Uganda Post Office Savings Bank

1996 – 1997 As part of the World Bank’s program to unbundle the Uganda Post & Telecommunications Corporation, Postbank International Consultancy undertook a review of the strategy of the Uganda Post and Telecommunications Corporation and the operation of the Post … Read more

Giro Payments in Tanzania

1997 – 1998 Feasibility Study of a giro payments system in Tanzania.  On request of the Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) and funded by the World Bank, this study was undertaken in co-operation with NethPost Consultancy (1997-1998). Besides making an assessment … Read more

Postal Financial Services in Africa

1998 Under an assignment of the World Bank, missions to 6 Sub-Saharan African countries were executed, with the purpose of making a Preliminary Assessment of Postal Financial Services in Africa (1998). The findings and conclusions served a dual objective: to … Read more


1999 At the request of the World Bank a study was performed in 1999 to determine the best institutional arrangement for the provision of financial services through the postal network.  These services consisted of remittance systems, funds transfer and payments … Read more