PostFinance International Development represents a unique concept acting as an enabler and accelerator for expansion of digital and financial access through postal networks with a focus on the un(der)banked / un(der)served sectors and communities. This is mainly achieved through building strategic public-private partnerships and restructuring of existing business models.

PostFinance International Development’s approach is based on a commercial and viable redeployment of the large, but often underutilized postal networks to provide access to financial services and other services, such as mobile telecom, postal, information, retail, internet, and e-services.

Hans P. Boon, CEO of PostFinance International Development, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

PostFinance International Development B.V. was established at the beginning of 2007 as a successor to Postbank International Consultancy which was part of ING Group. This was one year before Postbank, Netherlands ceased to exist as a separate brand. Postbank was a pioneer in cashless and digital banking. Postbank’s contribution to the transition to financial inclusion, cashless payments, and digital banking are unique. More than 75% of the adult population had an account at Postbank and more than 60% of the small companies.

PostFinance International Development B.V. (in short: PFID)  operates on an independent basis its mission to provide services in the field of expertise and management for Posts and Postbanks with in-depth know-how, and technology both for developed and developing countries. PostFinance International Development BV, and/or its involved management, experts and staff have undertaken more than 70 projects in more than 50 countries in relation to postal (financial) services. These projects range from managing Posts and Postbanks to executing diagnostic studies and strategic planning, restructuring and privatization, setting up or improvement of partnerships between (postal) banks, and post offices, through introduction of new products and new systems, management training and post office modernization and financial advisory.

The company pursues a policy to apply the lessons derived from international “Best Practices” as well as the extensive hands-on work and research in more than 50 developing countries during the past 20 years.

PostFinance International Development B.V. is therefore a “boutique” with more than 15 associated experts based in Europe, Asia and Africa specialized in world-leading expertise, management and research in developing, organizing or arranging:

Anywhere, anytime, anybody’s financial services via the Post offices

Synergy through structuring partnerships between the Postbank , Post and the private sector

Corporate Finance for Postal bank and Postal operator’s development

Transparent Financial Management of Postbank or Postal operations

Buildup of Human Capital through training and guidance

Corporate Turnaround Management, performance based, to build competitive and inclusive Posts or Postbanks

End-to-End Project management for design, testing, implementation of new postal (financial) solutions