Jacob Bekebrede

Jacob Bekebrede, PostFinance International Development expert, outdoors photo

The Netherlands

Extensive experience in Governance, Capacity building, learning & development, programme management, alliance and (international) relationship management, marketing, sales, (postal) financial services and financial inclusion. Analyst of organisational and marketing and sales processes.

Focus on alliance management for tactical and strategic partnerships, on capacity building for financial services management, on marketing, sales and customer centricity, financial education and on sustainability of choices.

After a career within Postbank Netherlands and ING, Mr. Bekebrede started independent consultancy in the 1980’s with field work and research in India, Bangalore region. Followed by consultancy projects for Postal Financial Services in the Balkan region (Kosovo, Bulgaria) and consultancy on capacity building for international marketing and sales talents for ING Group. From October 2013 until January 2016 representing the Consultative Committee member FEDMA in UPU Postal Financial Services and Inclusion matters.

Recent projects include the African Postal Financial Services Initiative which focusses on the role of remittances for enhancing financial inclusion in Subsaharan Africa and a detailed analysis of selected Postal Financial Operators in Sub-Saharan Africa in the framework of the project “Sub-Saharan Postal Banks – A Study on their potential to strengthen rural financial inclusion”.