Samuel Koroma

Samuel Koroma, PostFinance International Development


Possesses more than 20 years of extensive postal experience, both in West Africa (Sierra Leone’s SALPOST) and in the United States (U.S. Postal Service). At SALPOST, served as the Managing Director accountable to the Board of Directors. Digitalization of the economy using the post as a conduit was a primary focus with an added expertise in maximizing migrant remittances for development.

Launched a pilot remittance service at SALPOST on June 16, 2016. Participated in the Second African Conference on Remittances and Postal Networks in Abidjan in 2016- IFAD. Participated in the Global Forum on Remittances, and Investment, and Development in New York – APFSI, UN/GFRID, 2017. Also represented Sierra Leone in international postal affairs, including the development of cooperative arrangements with various postal administrations around the world.

Educated as an economist and considered a subject matter expert (SME) in financial inclusion, pricing, revenue analysis, and costing.